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Richard Whitby I Seminar

Tuesday 16 November 2021 I 5.30pm [GMT]

Join our seminar with Dr Richard Whitby as he discusses, The ‘Arena Spectacular’: Ben Hur Live as Post-cinematic Adaptation. Whitby is an artist and researcher and was a recipient of this year’s Jerwood/FVU commission, with the resulting video ‘The Lost Ones’ showing at Jerwood Arts, London, 2019. 

This event is face-to-face only and open to everyone from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. If you would like to attend from an external institution, please email:


Past Events


Lev Manovich I Webinar

Friday 3 July 2020 I 11am [London Time GMT+1]

In collaboration with MA Media and Creative Cultures

Join our webinar with Dr. Lev Manovich, one of the leading theorists of digital culture worldwide, and a pioneer in the application of data science for analysis of contemporary culture. Manovich is the author and editor of 13 books including The Language of New Media which was described as "the most suggestive and broad-ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan." 

Please register your attendance by emailing stating your name and affiliation.

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Geocinema I Webinar

Friday 10 July 2020 I 2pm [London Time GMT+1]

Join our webinar with Geocinema, an ongoing episodic project by Asia Bazdyrieva and Solveig Suess. By focusing on various sensing techniques— from fragmented satellite and ground station data transfers to systems that are able to predict seismic activities —the collective investigates the feedback loops between processes of image-making, production of knowledge, geopolitical imaginations and terraformation.

Please register your attendance by emailing stating your name and affiliation.


Past Events


18 February | 5pm | Seminar
Captivating the Attention of Strangers

Simon Withers (School of Design)

4 February | 5pm | Seminar

Story Cities
Rosamund Davies & Kam Rehal (School of Design)


3 December I 5pm I Seminar 

Evolving and Shifting 

Bland Mahdi (PhD Candidate)

19 November I 5pm I Seminar

The Edge I Limit and Threshold

Emma Colthurst (PhD Candidate)

5 November I 5pm I Seminar

Cities, after landscape

Dr Ed Wall (School of Design) 

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