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AU Mission 

Advanced Urban is an invitation and provocation by media theorist Maria Korolkova and landscape architect and urban researcher Ed Wall that explores the urban nature of emerging design, cultural, infrastructural and media processes. We are concerned with urbanisations that transform our worlds from intimately small to planetary scales. Tackling multiscalar future ecologies and temporalities, AU addresses critical urban questions through multidisciplinary collaboration, co-curation and togetherness.

AU Research

Our research practice moves between writing, drawing and making as we explore interdisciplinary urban approaches to materialities, cultures, big data, images, infrastructures, media and space. We aim to explore the question of what comes after the divided disciplinarity, research into other landscapes and investigate more equitable processes of urbanisation. AU members are engaged with curation, design, exhibitions and publications advancing critical theory, urban cultures and post-humanistic discourses.


The aim of AU is to build interdisciplinary research collaborations and vibrant research cultures. We provide research opportunities to doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers with a focus on interdisciplinary urban research through future calls, residencies and collaborations.

AU Publications

Through collaborations on journals, magazines, zines, mapping and exhibitions, we aim to push the boundaries and audience of academic publications. 


Advanced Urban has a growing record of publications from external and internal, national and international collaborations. The group aims to develop research and industry networks to bring together exceptional international researchers and practitioners, to form further collaborations.

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